Buy crypto with spare change.

Roundup allows you to purchase crypto with rounded up change from everyday purchases.


You go to the store and spend $10.24, you now have $0.76 in round ups. Once your accumulated round ups reach a minimum of $10, that amount is withdrawn from your linked account to purchase the crypto you selected.

How to use Roundup

  • Navigate to Roundup screen from the app home screen
  • Select the crypto and percentage of each crypto
  • Select your bank account
  • You can boost each round up by 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x
  • Save after your selections are complete and any time you make adjustments

Reminder: Crypto is purchased from your linked checking account once Roundups reach at least $10.


Purchase crypto hands free by selecting a custom amount and duration.

What is Autopilot?

Autopilot allows you to select a custom dollar amount and duration, automating the buying process.

The Autopilot feature allows you to implement a dollar-cost averaging strategy, leading to more consistent returns and hedge against price fluctuations.


You can set your autopilot for $60 weekly, allocating 60% = $36 to buy Bitcoin and 40%= $24 to buy Ethereum.

How to use Autopilot

  • Navigate to Autopilot screen
  • Turn feature “ON”
  • Select the $ amount you wish to purchase
  • Select the duration: Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Select the crypto and percentage of each crypto you would like to purchase
  • Make sure to select “Save” after you complete and make any changes.

Referral Program

Refer your friends and earn a percentage of their trade fees.

You earn a percentage of all buy and sell trade fees from everyone you refer. You also earn when your friends refer others.

Hodlit uses a 3-tier referral program:

Buy, Sell, Deposit, and Withdraw Crypto

  • Buy and sell instantly
  • Watch your portfolio grow the new and exciting way
  • Store your crypto safely